Our Vibe

We provide clients with a first-class experience to increase their customer base. With a team of highly experienced marketing professionals, SNAP is able to bring the fun back into the marketing strategy. At SNAP, we believe the most important aspect that your customers remember about your business is the people. We are able to represent your brand and take pride in your brand just like you. 

Our results are a receptive and positive response from customers. Our creative & innovative ideas generate marketing solutions that achieve results and are extremely cost-effective with a guaranteed Return on Investment. 

Our Promise

We are able to provide you with the highest standard of customer service, brand awareness and brand representation. Gone are the days of worrying about outsourcing your marketing, SNAP is here to provide you with the peace of mind to know we are representing your company just the way you would. 

We encourage a professional work environment that fosters creativity, engagement, innovation and an excitement to begin every day. We create opportunities for every individual to grow and develop, this creates an unrivaled work ethic that we then channel back into your brand. 

Our Ethos

In our eyes, the customer is always right. With the direct contact and influence, it is easy for us to engage with a customer base, assist with any queries and create product demonstrations where needed. By accommodating customers highlighting the solutions available as a result of choosing a product or service, the product sells itself.


Customer relationships are fragile, and with your own dedicated team of brand ambassadors, your customers will feel important and be able to have their voice. Face to face interactions builds trust. And with social media campaigns on the increase, it is essential to maintain a personal platform for the consumer to access.