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About SNAP

We are proud to describe ourselves as experts in placing the human element back into marketing. In a world full of technology, we believe it is fundamentally important to foster an environment of trust between consumer and brand. We specialise in utilising in-person advertising to its fullest while conveying the tone of our client's brand.

Our entire goal is to initiate conversations with your potential customers and create memorable interactions around your brand or product. 

We develop long-lasting relationships between brand and consumer giving us an added advantage in modern marketing strategies. SNAP guarantees a high Return on Investment. 

Atlanta is our home however we manage campaigns for national brands guaranteeing their products and services to reach their target audience in an exciting, and energetic personal approach. 

Our results are measurable daily; SNAP deliver new customers for your brand from day one. Our team is customer-ready, delivering service and knowledge to your customer when they need it the most. 



We treat every person who walks through our door with respect. Whether it's a client or employee, our focus is on building loyal, long-term relationships by meeting their needs and earning their trust. We believe magic happens when we listen to each other so we take time to understand the needs of every client and employee.


An inclusive environment is imperative to everyone that walks through our doors. We take pride in the way we embrace the differences that make our business partners, clients, and employees successful and unique. SNAP is a fun, friendly and inclusive place where teamwork is the core foundations that drive our everyday. 


SNAP is a support-focused organisation; we believe the stronger our individual's are, the stronger we are as a company. Our CEO operates with an Open Door policy all year round and makes sure to sustain clear communication with both employees and clients. Ensuring all parties are on the same page makes for one great campaign.